Classic Full Set - $150
 Classic 2wk Fill - $56
 Hybrid Full Set - $185
 Hybrid 2wk Fill - $65
 Volume Full Set - $195​​​
 Volume 2wk Fill - $73

All new clients will need to book a full set

Hair Extensions

I offer Invisible bead handtied extensions. Based on your natural hair and your goals. I will help you determine if they are best for you. When done properly hair extensions should be comfortable and versatile. While extensions do require a bit more maintenance at home, I will help you come up with a routine that is easy for you. 

invisible bead handtied extensions offer the safest  installation and maintenance options, and they blend beautifully with your natural hair. 

Extensions must be maintained in the salon every 6-8 weeks. your hair is replaced as needed. Many of my clients enjoy a year of wear with proper care. ​​

Image by Jon Ly